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My wife has always been a very low sex drive. I have to put up with sex barely more than 20 years of our marriage, hence the reason I came to try and roll heaven and meet someone, and enjoy some of the fun bustnow I've lost. two years ago started going to the gym three times a week and a little sexy dress normal. One day, appeared the best friend of her husband to take her to meet a mutual friend. When she fell down the stairs to meet them, they looked soooooo sexy! She had really gone to town and looked totally glam. I found it quite strange, as I expected, by chance, but bustnow I do it out of my head. A week later I went to my email account, search and found that there was no email address for her, but her maiden name instead of her married name. I tried to decipher the password bustnow without success. In a computer disk cover of this month, there was a package called a key logger. This program runs in the bottom of the b teamut records all keystrokes. After a week I'm in the hidden file, which was a list of all keystrokes, and found the password. With this information, I waited until she was out of the house and recorded in the other email address. Once there were about 50 e- mails from friends that all men of my wife. were quite bustnow explicit and bustnow my wife calm morning with no interest in sex was dropped in phone sex and fucking him bustnow in hotel rooms. I had the most impressive drive, while I was reading and my imagination went wild. I asked about it and made ​​an excuse for not properly registered outside the law and what he knew about the e- mails. There were many tears when she begged me not to throw them away. Far from it, as I wanted them to agree to a 3some with this guy. Unfortunately, I would not agree. What I got was that he had had sex in 20 years. I have the e- mails and read, and try to figure out wHat is with her ​​boyfriend in a hotel room. I've asked me all the details, but she refuses. I've asked before a 3some who would love to see fucked by another man. Now I have my imagination to try to think about her naked and mount this type and all other positions, mmmmmmmm I'm not sure if it fucks this guy, but I know they are content, text message and phone calls. as a cop, he knows that when you leave I'm probably back to square one to be a long time. rob
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